Eccentric media personality says men send him ‘eggplant’ photos

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Denrele Edun admits that men send him eggplant photos of themselves for favours.Denrele is always a thrill to watch .Denrele Edun who has a colourful history of doing and saying shocking things is at it again.


 The media personality has come out to say that some men who are looking to get into Big Brother Naija send him eggplant photos of themselves.

In an interview on the YouTube show ‘House Rules’, Denrele spoke about the kind of pictures he get from men. “Instead of approaching me…when they get my number, the first thing pictures…are correct eggplants, nestled rightly in the boys quarters” he said.

Denrele EdunConfirming that he has both male and female admirers, Denrele said some male musicians would hit on him just so they could get their videos on TV.Over the years, Denrele Edun has shocked Nigerians with his effeminate appearance and bizarre looks. These have led to speculations about his sexuality. The media personality is an individual who prefers not to be kept in a box.

During the interview, Denrele Edun once again stated that he is a sexual outlaw. “Well I ‘m going to say that I am a sexual outlaw” he said before adding that he isn’t seeing anyone now but has had female lovers in the past.

Denrele Edun uncovered This is not the first time Denrele has said he is a sexual outlaw. In October 2015, Denrele first used the term to describe his sexuality.
Denrele Edun speaks on his challenges and journeyDenrele Edun speaks on his challenges and journey “So what about my sexuality? What about it? I have been labeled bi-sexual, heterosexual, asexual, pseudo-sexual, sexual-sexual, homosexual, hip-sexual, new-sexual and all of that. I just narrow it down to two words- I am a sexual outlaw. Take it or take it” he said during an interview with Hip TV.

In the 2015 interview, he also spoke about his plans of getting married. “I think I will like to have a wedding where it will be a carnival, and everyone will come. I am not going to do invites and all that stuff. I will just do billboards everywhere and invite everyone. There will be no VIPs ‘cos I don’t believe in all that VIP crap. Everyone will be a VIP that day” disclosed Denrele.

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