Digital Nas & Lil Yachty – CHOPPASICKOIGLOO

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Digital Nas & Lil Yachty Repurpose The Relics Of “CHOPPASICKOIGLOO” Digital Nas & Lil Yachty fools us into believing the unseen on “CHOPPASICKOIGLOO.”
Digital Nas has a knack for tricking the listener into taking the road with the MOST resistance. Lil Yachty’s producer-par-excellence a total trip. He looks the part of a smallish person (in stature) but packs the punch of an introverted madman. It just so happens that Lil Yacthy is one of the few people with access to this madness.

Late in 2016, the duo released the first of their Lost Tapes series encompassing 4 tracks of b-side relics that were left out on their respective solo projects. Although DN figures as the producer when the duo comes together, don’t you dare pigeonhole him as such. He has every intention of fulfilling both ends of the bargain.

On “CHOPPASICKOIGLOO” the persistence of 808s is the only sound on the recording that feels like it was induced naturally, including the unworldly “chico” shtick Yachty slides into like a glove. Part 2 is umbilically attached to the first offering. Why sit on a pile of snazzy records (see Young Thug) when they be repurposed as SoundCloud exclusives, the worst way.


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