Album Review: Simi – Simisola

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Simisola, the second studio collection from pop chanteuse, Simi, and first with her present X3M music administration is a delightful, deliberately prepared record that fills in as the ideal grandstand for the artist’s perfect vocals and noteworthy songwriting.

In front of an audience, Simi may appear to be clumsy and horrendously modest. She may always get under the skin of the mold police with her left of field design decisions, however in the studio as Simisola illustrates, she is in control and as near a superwoman as one can anticipate.

Which isn’t to state that she isn’t human. There is a lot of that on offer. The opening salvo, Remind Me is a call for self-reflection that takes its source from the profound component. The piano harmonies start things out, and afterward Simi’s syrupy sweet voice layers itself like water for chocolate. She mourns the manners by which individuals appear to have overlooked how to love each other genuinely and requires a refocus of needs.

This is instantly trailed by the awesome highlife guitar strings of Joromi. Simi makes the subtlest of gestures to Sir Victor Uwaifo before recovering the title as an unobtrusive women’s activist pronouncement. Joromi is the name of the moderate mentor of a person whom Simi has distraught love for and she isn’t reluctant to shoot her shot. So Joro child take my number/You know you can call me later/Me I need to be your darling/So infant call me later, she requests shamelessly in the theme before shutting with a musical guitar riff. It is a windy sweet of a tune that is coordinated determinedly by different pearls on the record.

The main portion of Simisola plays like a fantasy with each track conveying the aural merchandise. From Sir Uwaifo to Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, Simi’s persuasions are rich and finished. Aimasiko is a highlife tune of accommodation to the will of good that locks on to your memory and never entirely leaves till you have remembered each line and each drum lick.

Finish Me and Gone for Good are ideal features for Simi’s relaxed drawl. While the previous can be gathered in the class of senseless love tunes, the last is unquestionably another tragic yet triumphant love melody. Both are fabulous. Unique Baby is a kiss off to the Internet protesters who don’t exactly comprehend why Simi isn’t bundled as the ideal pop little cat. She perceives her ungainliness and clumsiness and backers being agreeable in one’s own skin.

The center of the record hangs a bit with the twofold bill of One Kain, a cumbersome interpretation of adolescent captivation and the dinner sappy goo of Take Me Back, the compulsory two part harmony with her sentimental and innovative accomplice, Adekunle Gold.

Things get again with the highlife whirl of O wa n’be in which Simi sends up Yoruba party culture and gives herself a role as a definitive gathering creature. Angelina is Simi’s own particular Jolene, just rethought as a light reggae lilt, yet our young lady isn’t as weak as the storyteller in Dolly Parton’s work of art. Simi advocates for herself and makes it very clear she isn’t remaining for any a greater amount of that hogwash.

The last demonstration of the record comprises of beforehand discharged jewels, Smile for Me, Love Don’t Care and the undervalued Tiff.

It isn’t each time that a pop record arrives that is available, pleasant and dazzlingly bundled as Simisola. The songwriting, blending, creation, vocals, everything signifies a total entirety. Simi is plainly the genuine article. Try not to give anybody a chance to disclose to you generally.

Album Name: Simisola
Artist:  Simi
Year: 2017
Tracks: 12

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