Ace Hood – They Said It

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Florida’s Ace Hood recently impressed with his stellar, yet underrated Trust The Process mixtape, which scored the coveted user ranking. Suffice it to say, the community are big fans of Ace, and luckily, the rapper shows no indication of slowing down. In fact, he recently dropped a follow-up single called “They Said It,”his first release since Trust The Process hit the internet in August.

The track, which kicks off with a haunting, lullaby-esque piano loop, lulls you into a false sense of security. As Hood’s autotuned voice slides in, eerie sound effects and reverberated, alien synths appear, adding a subtle tension to the instrumental’s arrangement. You can feel the drums waiting to drop, as Hood addresses his skeptics with a taunting, titular refrain. When the drop hits, Hood takes no prisoners, switching in the melodies for bars and picking up where Trust The Process left off. In fact, this single finds Hood sounding a little vexed, as if he’s frustrated that people are still sleeping on his work. “Went and bought a Draco, soldier, these n*ggas snakes like cobras, these n*ggas sleep need Folgers,” raps Hood, proving his effortless flow is a force to be reckoned with.

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