50 Cent Is On the Cover of ‘Muscle & Fitness’

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If 50 Cent’s Instagram is to be believed–and when isn’t it?–the famously fit rapper and actor will appear on the cover of the July-August issue of Muscle & Fitness. Little else is known about what will appear in the issue (the cover teases details of 50′s “exclusive workout”), but if there’s an interview involved, it’s sure to be colorful. While he made a name for himself in the early 2000s as a colorful street rapper, with a bevy of mixtapes and promotional singles like “How to Rob (An Industry N—a),” his mainstream breakthrough came with a heavy focus on his image. “In Da Club,” the Dr. Dre-produced lead single from his 2003 commercial debut, Get Rich or Die Trying, was accompanied by a video that saw a shirtless 50 working out in a gym, observed by doctors and onlookers. His muscle-bound figure was featured prominently in subsequent clips, like for G-Unit’s “Wanna Get to Know You.”

Media considerations aren’t the only thing 50′s been using Instagram for. In recent days, he’s also taken to the social media platform to post timely, often hilarious videos poking fun at friends and rivals, like Diddy and Rick Ross, respectively. (His skits about the former’s fight with a UCLA football coach were qualified by 50′s remorse when he learned the mogul was facing charges.) He also posted a video denouncing the BET Awards, over which he felt Fox had undue influence. That network’s runaway hit drama, Empire, was featured prominently during the awards show, while the 50-produced Power, which airs on Starz, was shut out.

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